My Background

  •  I Have Captained the Following Vessels
    on Blue Water and Inland Water Passages

    • Sailing prams, Sunfish, Star class sloop, Melgers racing dinghies (Lake Murray, South Carolina)
    • 19-foot open sailing skiff (Virgin Islands)
    • 22-foot open cockpit inboard-powered fishing skiff (New Jersey coast, Hudson River, New York)
    • 27-foot sloop (Puget Sound, Washington)
    • 30-foot sloop (Chesapeake Bay, Maryland)
    • 31-foot Pearson sloop (Lake Murray, South Carolina)
    • 34-foot Pacemaker sport fishing powerboat
    • 34-foot Hunter sloop (Long Island Sound, New York)
    • 35-foot and 45-foot Chris Craft cabin cruisers (Intracoastal Waterway from New Jersey to Florida)
    • 36-foot sloop (Abaco, Bahamas)
    • 36-foot sloop (Virgin Islands, Caribbean)
    • 40-foot catamaran (Abaco, Bahamas)
    • 40-foot sloop (Virgin Islands, Caribbean)
    • 41-foot Morgan Out Islander (Abaco, Bahamas)
    • 42-foot Sunsail sloop (Abaco, Bahamas)
    • 44-foot sloop (Virgin Islands, Caribbean)
    • 44-foot CSY ketch (Abaco, Bahamas)
    • 45-foot Columbia sloop (Florida coast and Abaco, Bahamas)
  • Completed Cruises

    36 Completed Cruises and Deliveries

    Happy Clients

    36 Happy Clients

My background and sailing experience:

Through College

  • Elementary & Junior High School

    Starting in 1954 as a child, I’ve been on the water or around boats a good portion of my life. From skiffs with oars or outboard motors to 61-foot diesel-powered yachts, and from Sunfish to 57-foot yawls, I’ve learned how to handle vessels of all sizes, both power and sail.

  • High School & College

    I’ve sailed the coastal waters of the U.S. East Coast from Maine to Texas, made a brief excursion by small sailboat on Puget Sound (Washington), spent a total of approximately 12 months in the Bahamas (crossing the Gulfstream between Florida and Grand Bahama seven times), and worked as crew on a charter sailing vessel in the Virgin Islands for 4 months.

Early Adult Life

After college, I became a high school science and math teacher.  I also enjoyed hands-on physical sports including training beginner youth to advanced adults in sailing, basketball, swimming and, beginning in 1972, a certified tennis teaching pro.  I was also an independent businessman in retail sports as well as a computer programmer.

1977 to 2013

From 1977 to 1989, while I managed three tennis clubs, taught tennis, ran a pro shop, and directed a summer camp, I chartered annually a sailing vessel in either the Bahamas or the Virgin Islands for 10 days up to 6 weeks.

From 1989 to just recently, I continued to work in the tennis industry as:

  • a sports administrator managing a staff of a dozen men and women in a branch office of the U.S. Tennis Association
  • a trainer running 2-day certification preparation courses in order to help tennis teachers become certified members of the U.S. Professional Tennis Association
  • a U.S. Tennis Association  workshop leader training K-12 physical education teachers how to conduct safe and entertaining introductory tennis classes for up to 50 students/class on playgrounds and in gymnasiums.

As a member and, for one year, Commodore of a yacht club in South Carolina, I conducted youth sailing camps on weekends for 14 years and organized and conducted several study sessions for boat owners preparing for the Coast Guard captains’ certification exam.


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